Action Plan to Save Democracy

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Oct 24, 2017 Comments Off on Action Plan to Save Democracy tom frew

We need everyone’s help protect free speech, the right to vote, public education, & health care.  Lots of people are working every day. Here are some things you can do:

*Send a comment to the FCC.

The FCC wants to ease existing rules to allow pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcasting to own 75% of the media market to spread their right-wing propoganda.
Thursday night 10/26, the FCC unveiled a proposal to relax its media-ownership rules. The plan would lift a ban preventing companies from owning both a broadcast station and a newspaper in the same market, and ease restrictions on the number of television and radio stations a single owner can control in a market. The FCC is expected to vote on the proposal during its open meeting next month, and with Republicans in the majority at the agency, it will likely pass.  Go to this link  a screen with a blue banner near the top will come up.  They should click “comment” in that banner.  On the first line of the comment screen that comes up, you should type the filing number.  The filing number is 17-179.  Some verbiage will come up that confirms you are in the right place.  Now you can write and submit a comment.  Share with your friends.

*Listen to Tom Styers’ message.

*Make signs and march in a protest.  We need to let others see that there are many of us.

*Volunteer to walk a precinct and talk to your neighbors. Contact

*Donate a few dollars to the cause.   It costs money to make signs, print flyers, have a website, and hold public meetings.