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Attend Our Meetings:  This is the best way to get involved.  Meet other Democrats, hear what is happening in Fallbrook, San Diego County, and share your ideas.

Join our Political Action Committee.  Contact our Political action Chair Joy Frew:

Be part of the Indivisible  Group.  Contact Diana Fink: 

Become a Leader:  We are re-energizing the Democratic Party with progressive ideas.  We are electing and/or appointing new leaders to be delegates or officers in the California, and San Diego County Democratic Party caucuses, and our Fallbrook Democratic Club.  If you would like to have a part in setting the future, you are invited to participate.  We are seeking energetic people with vision who would like to run for public office in 2018.  We will mentor, train new leaders.

Tell Your Friends: Point them to our website, and invite them to our meetings.

Volunteer to register voters:  Spend a couple hours with us at one of our community voter registration tables.  2017 will be busy.  Contact Tom Frew

Share Your Ideas:  We don’t know everything.  If you have a talent or a new idea, please let us know!

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