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The Fallbrook Club had a great turnout of volunteer precinct captains who walked/called their precincts, sharing the list of our endorsed candidates for the June primary.  We were quite successful in contacting most of the registered democrats in our neighborhoods, informing them who the party has endorsed for the down ballot positions.

Democratic voters expressed appreciation getting this information, and our local candidates did quite well as a result

This year in 2017 we’ll be starting early to contact voters and get to know our precincts before the 2018 mid term elections.  We are building a slate of candidates for local offices, and will be working to support them plus  and our party’s nominees  to defeat Republican congressman, Duncan Hunter, assemblyperson Marie Waldron and replace Supervisor Bill Horn.  It’s not too early to volunteer to be a precinct captain!

Please contact our Political Action chair Joy Frew joyfrew@gmail.com  to get on the list to be invited to the next organizing meeting.