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Our thirty minute food drive collected 230 pounds of food and $300, which was delivered to the Fallbrook Food Pantry the following morning.  Look for the news report in the Village News April 13th edition.   Our local food bank is a well run and a good cause we can be proud to support.  A full list of needed items can be found at

The three announced Democratic candidates for Congress in our district CD50, running against Duncan Hunter attended our meeting and briefly introduced themselves:

Patrick Malloy.  Mr Malloy is a realtor in Escondido.  Patrick ran against Hunter in 2016 as our Democratic nominee.  He was endorsed by our Club in the 2016 election and he asks for our endorsement again.  Patrick is for free college tuition. He favors Solar Energy promotion to make big oil obsolete. He wants to bring our veterans home from foreign wars to a hero’s welcome and to  jobs that they richly deserve. He supports single payer healthcare. Patrick’s wife is a naturalized American citizen and he knows the immigration system from the inside.  It is his intention to have 6 town halls a year. We can read his stance on the issues on his website

Gloria Chadwick.  Gloria is a registered nurse from San Diego.  As a psychiatric nurse with the Veteran’s Administration, she has spent 44 years in support of healthcare and is an elected director of the Grossmont Healthcare District Board. She is running against Hunter because of his corruption and lack of representation of his constituents.  A strong advocate for transparency and community engagement, Gloria spearheaded the development of the Health Board’s independent oversight committee guidelines to include the broader community and hospital users in the District’s spending of project funds. Chadwick’s website is

Pierre (Pete) Beauregard.   Mr Beauregard is a farmer/rancher in Ramona.  He is a Vietnam veteran who served as a navy corpsman attached to a combat Marine unit.  After the war, he used his medic experience to start a health clinic in Huntington Beach. Today he has built and runs a ranch that is completely off the grid using solar and wind power, plus water recycling that he captures himself for watering the crops. We can google “Casa Aquila” for details.  His priorities are Climate Change, Overturning Citizen’s United, tuition free education, and ousting Duncan Hunter.
Beauregard’s website is

Cassie Purdy from the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties stepped in for David Trujillo, who was busy with a Planned Parenthood event.  She presented some of the history of the ACLU, their recent explosive growth, and the two important social issues they are working on right now in San Diego County; immigration and bail rights for the imprisoned poor.