Previous Meeting, May 4th 2017, Climate Change

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Jun 2, 2017 Comments Off on Previous Meeting, May 4th 2017, Climate Change tom frew

Tom Frew, our club president made several announcements related to the rapid expansion of our Club.  We’ve tripled in size in the past 95 days, becoming much more politically active on multiple fronts; protesting at Duncan Hunter’s office, organizing postcard parties, raising food and money for the Fallbrook Food Pantry, precinct organizing, and being involved with immigrant issues that affect our local community.

Hannah Gbeh, Democratic candidates for Congress attended the meeting and introduced herself to everyone.

Club member Antonio Robles announced the kickoff of his 2018 campaign for Fallbrook Union High School Board FUHSD).

Eve Simmons gave a wide ranging talk on “POLITICAL CHANGES AND OUR CLIMATE”. She discussed the environmental outlook in the age of Trump  and reviewed proposed Climate Change legislation, policies, and practices, including advocacy and actions that we can take.

Our speaker on June 1st will be Mike Thaller, current chair of the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.