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Jan 22, 2018 Comments Off on Previous Meeting February 1st, 2018 California Healthcare SB562 tom frew

Candidates:  Alan Geraci, Dem candidate for State Assembly District 75 thanked us for being the first Dem club to endorse him.  He reported on his recent endorsement by California Democrats with 99% of the vote, his active involvement with civic issues, and his busy campaign plans.  Alan made a request to everyone to help with his campaign by going to to make a donation.

Ammar Campa Najjar:  also thanked us for our support and gave a brief inspirational talk on the positive Democratic message needed to win this year, a “shared vision of prosperity.”  At the endorsement conference last weekend, Ammar won endorsement by California Democrats with 97% of the vote.  His 4th quarter 2017 fundraising results were just announced earlier today.  Ammar leads everyone in fundraising and promises an energetic campaign to Flip The 50th.

Susan Liebes:  Our club member running for Fallbrook Elementary school board stood to announce she now has business cards with her website.

Diane Summers:  Our club member running for Fallbrook High School Board stood to mention her campaign activities.

Evening Speaker:   Kathy Rallings spoke of her background, the need for an improved Healthcare system.  She described California Senate Bill SB 562 and how it would implement a California administered Single Payer Healthcare.  Kathy took numerous questions about who would be eligible for coverage, the proposals to finance it, and what implementation would do to jobs and the economy.

Kathy talked about “people power”  to encourage the State Assembly to move SB562 along through the process.  She and Michelle McCaffery, our political action chairperson, talked about the door to door canvassing they are organizing.  Michelle is organizing another event on February 10th and passed around a volunteer sign up.

Kathy asked the Club to pass a resolution endorsing SB562 the Healthy California Act.

Club president Tom Frew led the parlimentary procedure for debating the resolution.  There was a motion, and a second, numerous comments both pro and con were made.  Kathy clarified additional questions.  The resolution was overwhelmingly approved.