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Jan 20, 2018 Comments Off on Previous Meeting January 4th, 2018 tom frew

At our 1st meeting of the year Dave Myers, our endorsed candidate for Sheriff stopped by and spoke for several minutes about his campaign.  The race could be decided in the June Primary if Republican incumbent gets a majority of votes. Michelle Gomez, candidate for Assembly District 76 (AD76) also spoke.  Club member Susan Liebes spoke to announce her candidacy for Fallbrook Elementary School Board (FUESD), then member Diane Summers spoke to announce her candidacy for Fallbrook High School Board (FUHSD).

Per our bylaws, we held Club officer elections.  The nominating Committee  previously provided a recommended slate, which was announced at our December meeting and by email.  Additional nominations from the floor were asked for, but none were received.  The recommended slate was elected by acclamation;

Vice President is now Frieda Whipple     Diane Summers is running for school board.
Secretary is now Drew Tippin     Frieda Whipple became V.P.
Political Action Chair in now Michele McCaffery.  Joy Frew is the GO Team coordinator.

We had a discussion on Fallbrook local offices up for election in 2018  goals.  With member Antonio Robles who announced for FUHSD earlier in 2017, we have at least 3 club members running for office.  Plus there is at least one unannounced candidate.  Our club has two members who are incumbents on the Fallbrook Planning Group.  We are looking for additional Planning group candidates.  Club member Bill O’Connor spoke of his past experiences of running and being elected to the school board.  Anne Woodall Indivisible Fallbrook representative spoke of Indivisible’s plans to encourage, raise money and support local candidates.  Club president Tom Frew,  described the County Democrats endorsement process, their candidate training,  and the support the club GO Team will provide.

We ran through the Club 2018 goals;
Increase membership to 200 by November.
Increase volunteer participation to 50%.
Have 5 members run for local office
Encourage 10 members to volunteer on campaigns.
Advice & mentor potential candidates for 2019 ADEM, future Central Committee vacancies, and 2019 club elections for President & Controller.