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Dec 7, 2019 Comments Off on Previous Meeting Dec. 5th DNC delegate Jess Durfee tom frew

DNC Delegate Jess Durfee and chair emeritus of San Diego County Democratic Party  explained how DNC delegates are selected, their responsibilities, and how a presidential candaite will be selected through primaries and awarding of delegates.

Two candidates for the  Central Committee briefly spoke.  In the March Primary 6  people will be elected to the Central Committee.  As of tonight’s meeting there were 10 candidates across our Assembly District for the 6 positions.  Central Committee is an unpaid position of the San Diego County Democratic Party.  The Central Committee meets monthly to discuss and vote on County Party matters.

Kate Schwartz, 2020 endorsed candidate for the California State Assembly (AD75) also attended and spoke.

Andrew Masiel, 2016 candidate for State Assembly District AD75 also spoke and publicly endorsed Kate.   Andrew also spoke in favor of a sports betting referendum that his group is working to collect enough signatures to be on the November 2020 ballot.  The referendum would allow sports betting at Native American casinos.  Currently Vegas, Reno, and New Jersey casinos have a monopoly on sports wagering.