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Mar 10, 2021 Comments Off on Previous Meeting, April 1st, 7pm On Zoom tom frew

Budget:  Announcement that the annual financial audit for 2020 was completed.  Everything was found to be in order with no errors.  The 2021 Budget was presented for approval.  Treasurer Michele McCaffery reviewed the highlights and answered questions.  Membership approved the 2021 budget unanimously.

The Fallbrook Regional Health District board members attended our meeting to discuss vaccination efforts and to answer questions.  There was a lot of discussion and helpful comments from other elected local officials on the whole topic.

One candidate was represented.  Misha Harneja spoke for Dr. Priya Bhat-Patel who is running for State Senate district 36 in 2022.

Ross Pike of the Planning Group announced a meeting of ad hoc Committee on the cannabis ordinance  on April 12th 5pm

Dianne Summers, Fallbrook High School board president announced that the school will open for in class learning on April 7th.

Terese Kristensen, Vallecitos school board trustee gave a brief update on about recent happenings at the Vallecitos school, including the vaccine Clinic.