Report on June 3rd 2021 meeting

CaDEM Region 18 Director Deb Skurnik attended.  She announced up coming events and discussed the potential schedule of events in 2022.  Deb answered a number of questions we had.

A couple candidates spoke, Misha Harneja spoke for Dr. Pria Bhat running for SD36.  Dr. Tim Bilash discussed his candidacy for Congress CA50.

Club president Tom Frew gave a presentation how Club Goals & Objectives are derived from our Club’s purpose as stated in our Bylaws, and how the California Democratic Party Platform planks are built from the Chartered Clubs electing the delegates to serve on standing committees then how our goals are interconnected with our membership, the community to elect Democrats.

A Resolution to oppose the recall electoionds of several women Democrats of San Diego Counrty was passed.  Another resolution about the Infrastructure bill was debated and defeated.