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These are the official endorsements of the Fallbrook Democratic Club for the 2020 elections.  Endorsements for previous elections are expired.  As further official endorsements occur for 2020 they will be posted on this page.

To win endorsement our bylaws a candidate must receive 60% of the votes cast, per our bylaws, providing a quorum of members in good standing (10%) are present.  Eligible voters must have been a Club member in good standing for at least 25 days prior to the vote.

Candidates Endorsed:  (for 2020)
Congressional District 50 (CD50):  Ammar Campa Najjar

State Assembly District 75 (AD75):   


Resolution endorsements are not tied to an election cycle unless specifically stated.

Resolutions Endorsed:
SB562 California Health Care for All 

SB100  100% fossil-fuel free electricity by the year 2045