The Fallbrook Democratic Club was the 2019 San Diego County Club of the Year, because of our leadership on  in getting local Democrats elected.  We are forward thinking and involved in our community.

Two ways to join our club:

  1. You can join On-Line here, using the donate button, and leaving your name & contact info. We get notified right away.
  2. Or you can write down your name/address/email/phone and other requested details below & mail it to our  P.O. Box 293 Fallbrook, CA. 92088.

Membership fee is only $10 per calendar year.  If you would like to donate more we will put it to good use!  Our budget can be reviewed by any club member.  We use funds for our monthly meeting space, computer website and printed materials for potential members in the community plus booth rental at community events for community support and awareness.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or


Dues are only $10 a year.   You can use a credit card via the PayPal link above or Please print this out to mail to our  P.O. Box 293 Fallbrook, CA. 92088



Date: ____________

Name(s): ______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone Numbers:  H) _______________ (C) _______________

Email address: __________________________________________________

I am a registered Democrat: Yes (  )  No (  )
I am interested in volunteering for the Club ________

Annual Dues: Individual ($10) ________

Please make your check payable to: Fallbrook Democratic Club

Please print out this Membership Application and bring with check to our next meeting or mail to:

Fallbrook Democratic Club
P.O. Box 293
Fallbrook, CA. 92088

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