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Fallbrook Democratic Club Officers & Committee Chairs

The Fallbrook Democrats Club Executive Board is comprised of officers elected by the membership & all committee chairs appointed as necessary per our bylaws.

Club Officers, January 2021

President: Tom Frew

Vice President: Ross Pike

Secretary: Drew Tippin

Treasurer: Michele McCaffery

Political Action Chair: Rosalie Dedo

Committee Chair persons/coordinators/advisers, as of January 2021:

Membership Chair: Angelique Strahan

Publicity Chair: Bill Manning

Local Election Committee Chair:  Joy Frew

Voter Registration Chair: Rosalie Dedo (acting)

Hospitality Committee Chair: Terese Kristensen

High School Representative:  Daniel Contreras

Community Outreach Committee Chair:  (Open)






 The above list reflects the club election held at our January 2018 general meeting for vice president, and Secretary, and Political Action Chair, according to our bylaws. These positions are elected for two year terms.  President and Controller are elected in odd years.  Next year in January 2019, President and Controller positions will be up for election.  If you have an interest, contact us and we will be happy to show you what is involved.

It is always good to get new perspectives in the club leadership.  The club leaders are actively seeking members who wish to participate and serve on the Executive Board.  If and when a vacancy occurs or nominations are being taken for the next election, please consider stepping up to help lead our club.  The responsibilities of these positions, per the bylaws, are given below:

President shall:

  1. Be the Chief Executive Officer of the club.
  2. Preside over all meeting of the club and the Executive Board.
  3. Make appointments to other non-elected committee positions as required.
  4. Act as the official spokesperson of the club.
  5. Stimulate active interest in the political process
  6. Provide a constructive role for the active volunteer
  7. Contribute to effective leadership and individual responsibility
  8. Promote harmony within the club membership, between other clubs and within the San Diego County Democratic Party.

Vice-President shall

  1. Serve at the direction of the President,
  2. Preside at meetings if the President is unable to do so, or is requested by the President to do so,
  3. Shall take over the duties of the President in the absence of that officer,
  4. Chair the Annual Audit Committee
    • Select 2 members by November,
    • Audit books by the end of December,
    • Prepare annual audit report to membership by January 31.

Secretary shall:

  1. Keep the minutes of the general meetings and the executive committee meetings,
  2. Conduct correspondence, maintain the club’s records and be responsible for internal Communications,
  3. Chair meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

Controller shall:

  1. Prepare a budget for Board and membership approval by March general meeting.
  2. Collect dues from the membership and all funds.
  3. Receive and Deposit all funds into the checking account.
  4. Pay and reimburse for expenditures.
  5. Pay annual charter fee for San Diego County Democratic Party, SDCDP.
  6. Maintain an accurate record of club receipts and disbursements,
  7. Make the record of club receipts and expenditures available to any member when requested.
  8. Provide a report of the club financial status at club meetings as requested.
  9. Provide an annual written report of club financial status by end of December.
  10. Make the books and all other financial records of the club available to the Audit Committee each year by December 1.
  11. See that the Club meets federal, state, and local political campaign reporting requirements.

Political Action Chair shall:

  1. Promote public event participation,
  2. Encourage local issue development,
  3. Support legislative lobbying.

San Diego County Democratic Party

TheCentral Committee is the governing body of the County Democratic Party as defined in the California Government Code and Elections Code. It is comprised of local Democrats elected by voters in each Assembly District, as well as partisan-level Democratic elected officials and nominees. (For more information, see our Bylaws  

This group conducts the County Party’s general business, approves its budget, coordinates Democratic campaign activity, and endorses candidates for local offices. The times and dates of upcoming Central Committee meetings are posted on our calendar.

San Diego County Democratic Party Officers  January 2019

Will Rodriquez- Kennedy, Chair 

Jason Bercovitch, Vice Chair, North Area

Luis O. Osuna, Vice Chair, South Area 

J. Eric Hereford, Vice Chair, East Area

Taisha Brown, Vice Chair, Central Area

Xavier Martinez, Controller

Anthony Montalvo, Secretary

Steve Castaneda, Director of Administration

John Loughlin, Director of Clubs

Hugh Rothman, Director of Grassroots Organizing

Francine Busby, Past Chair, Chair Emeritus 


California Democratic Party Officers

Open, Chairman

Alexandra “Alex” Gallardo-Rooker, Vice-Chair

Daroka Larimore-Hall, Vice Chair

Jenny Bach, Secretary

Dan Weitzman, Controller

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