Club Leadership


The Executive Board of the Fallbrook Democratic Club is comprised of elected officers, committee chairpersons, and special advisers appointed by the membership.


President: Ross Pike

Vice President: (vacant)

Secretary: Cindy Acosta

Treasurer: Michele McCaffery

Political Action Chair: Joy Frew



Membership Chair: Angelique Strahan

Publicity Chair: Bill Manning

Local Elections Committee Chair:  Joy Frew

Voter Registration Chair: (Open)

Hospitality Committee Chair: Terese Kristensen

At Large Member:  Mark Mervich

Fallbrook High School Representative:  (Open)

Community Outreach Committee Chair:  (Open)



Club officers are elected in staggered terms with elections occurring each January. A nominating committee is selected by the Executive Board that makes a recommendation for a slate of officers to be voted upon by the membership. The offices of President and Treasurer are elected in January of odd years while Vice President, Secretary, and Political Action Chair are elected in January of even-numbered years. Officers are elected to two-year terms.

New perspectives are always welcome by the Executive Board! Club leaders are actively seeking members who wish to participate and serve in various roles within the Executive Board. When vacancies occur, consider volunteering for the role.

For a complete list of the officer descriptions, visit the Bylaws here.


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