Monthly Meetings

Monthly Club Meetings

Date: Our regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month.    The Executive Board meets at separate dates.

Time: Our meetings begin at 7 pm.  We ask attendees to log on early so we can credential voting members and guests.

Location: Since March 2020, we have been holding all of our meetings via Zoom.

For meeting and event information or to RSVP please call: (760) 895-1778  or email

Who may attend: Meetings are open to Democrats or anyone planning on registering as a Democrat when they are eligible.

Membership: $10 per person, per year.  Membership is required to vote on official Club items.  Voting Members are shown with VM before their name on Zoom.  You can join on line, or by sending the application and a check to Fallbrook Democratic Club, P.O. Box 293, Fallbrook, CA. 92088.

At our monthly meetings, we network with other local Democrats.  Featured speakers talk about important political issues of the day and events being organized.  Candidates for public office frequently visit our meetings to introduce themselves and answer questions.  At some point in the election cycle our members vote on the endorsement of our preferred candidates.

We organize volunteers to help elect the Democrats that we vote to endorse.  We participate in local public events such as marches, and registering voters.  We are always working to identify new leaders of the Democratic Party.

Delegates to the San Diego County and California State Democratic Party Conventions are elected from active members of local Democratic Clubs.
The Fallbrook Club had 12 voting members at the 2022 California Regional Pre-endorsement Conference.
Our Club sent 7 voting Delegates to the 2022 California Democratic Party Convention.
The Fallbrook Dem Club currently has 4 voting members on the North Area Inland Caucus of the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee.